ASK met with a gentleman who was at risk of homelessness as he needed to find new housing. ASK housing team referred him to a landlord with whom we work. His application was accepted; however, the rent was not sustainable while he was earning basic income assistance. He was found eligible for a BC housing subsidy because he had applied for PWD. This subsidy allowed him to secure safe and affordable housing.  ASK staff connected him with a local mover that reduced his moving rate because he agreed to help with moving his items. Staff also connected him to a community resource that provided him with a few items that he needed. Two months later he received confirmation that his PWD application had been processed and his benefits would reflect this new status. He found himself in a financial position that allowed him to be fully responsible for his rent.  After he moved into his new apartment he called BC Hydro in order to ensure the utility was registered in his name. He found out that he had an outstanding debt to BC Hydro from many years ago. He agreed to a repayment plan but found that it was impossible for him to maintain the payment schedule. BC Hydro sent him a disconnection notice. Once again, housing was in jeopardy. Staff advocated on his behalf in order to establish a payment schedule that was reasonable. Recently he started a casual job working with his landlord. He ascertains that this work is beneficial to his mental health as well as provides a small amount of financial reward. He invited staff to visit his home in order to share where he lives. He is proud of his home and knows he can afford his necessities. He still accesses community programs such as free meals and the food bank but he is thankful for the housing he has created for himself.

  • Henry Leland House Kamloops – A 28 Unit semi-supportive housing facility for those who have found stability in their lives and only require minimal support. (funded by BC Housing)
  • Crossroads Inn – A 50 Unit 24hr supportive housing facility housing the most challenging and hard to house. Through onsite supports Program Participants create a wellness plan and work on integrating back into community after two years. (building owned by ASK Wellness and funded by BC Housing)
    Tina Baptiste Suites – A 11 unit building semi-supported low income housing (suites leased to ASK Wellness through the Kelson Group) (market funded)
  • Assistance with Housing Supports – A client who walks through the door of our Northshore Office will have the ability to sit with a worker to assist with all their housing supports. We provide rental top-ups, damage deposit assistance, transportation to interviews with landlords, emergency repairs, funding for security deposits as well as rent  subsidies. We also work with the client to develop life skills such as budgeting, basic cleanliness and communication skills to ensure they have the best chance to succeed in maintaining their housing. (funded by BC Housing)
  • Rapid Rehousing/ACT Team – The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program in partnership with Interior Health provides wrap around services for individuals with a Primary Access 1 mental health diagnosis with the goal of helping them stabilize thus reducing their frequency in the ER and jails. This program has been successful in various communities throughout BC and became operational in Kamloops in the spring of 2015. The Kamloops ACT team has multi-disciplinary dedicated staff including a psychiatrist (Dr. Lessing), occupational therapist, nurses, life skills workers, administrative coordinator and housing supports. Each ACT participant has a program tailored to their specific needs but all include daily check-ins with the various support workers (funded by Interior Health)
  • Property Management Assistance – ASK Wellness Centre has also taken the initiative to work directly with local property owners to develop goals and initiatives when dealing with clients. Our staff and programs help in a variety of ways. We provide mediation to negotiate mutually agreeable solutions between landlords and tenants or provide support to improve buildings be it through repairs, painting and cleaning in or outside of the building. (funded by BC Housing)
  • Crossroads Adult Supportive Housing (CASH)  – 15 suites in Crossroads are designated to the CASH program. Expectations of being in this program are participation in a group setting and engaging with staff twice a week. Residents are also expected to work with staff on a wellness plan, tailored to the individual. Staff assist individuals with life-skills, communication, respectful relationships, employment opportunities and safety. Through wellness planning and group meetings many have seen success.
  • Sundergreen  – The goals of this program are to foster social inclusion, resident interaction, and positive communication; to improve life skills and to increase housing stability for tenants at Sundergreen Apartments, a BC Housing property. Life Skills Worker provides a broad range of support services and life skills counseling to individuals and families living at Sundergreen. The services provided include: group workshops and events, individual life skills coaching, crisis intervention, mediation and referrals to healthcare providers and other services and agencies in the community. This program is run in partnership with CML Properties and funded by BC Housing.
  • Tradewinds Terrace (Merritt) – A 28 Unit housing facility for 55+ and those with disabilities who have found stability in their lives and only require minimal support. (funded by BC Housing)

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