Client #1

ASK Wellness gave me a chance, when no one else would.

I came to ASK with nothing but my backpack and a little bit of hope in living a clean and meaningful life. I wasn’t even sure if I qualified for their help, I discovered that the only requirement needed is the willingness to be sober and want something better for yourself. Don’t you want to have a purpose in life? To be able to strive for yourself and be whatever it is that you want to be.

Getting help doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of doing it on your own, it takes a lot of courage to be able to look at where you are and think that you could do so much more.

Before coming to ASK I felt worthless, afraid, alone, pessimistic, I felt like I was nothing. Like it wouldn’t matter to anyone whether I was alive or not. There was a feeling of emptiness, after living in my addiction where I was abused mentally, emotionally and physically I didn’t feel myself anymore.

The AASH program taught me how to be independent, responsible, and so many other things but most of all, they taught me that it was okay to be myself again.

  • I have a place where I call home.
  • I have food in my fridge.
  • I have support from new found sober friends and staff from Ask Wellness.
  • I am getting involved in programs and discovering how capable I really am.
  • It’s like I have a purpose again, a drive that I hadn’t really felt for years within me.

Client #2

The AASH Program is amazing.  I went to treatment 3 years ago today actually and I wasn’t excited this time to spend three months in a treatment centre.  So to experience the, “living in the real world,” for me, was exactly what I needed and wanted.  I am very grateful to the AASH Program.   It’s changing and already changed my life!  AASH has given me a better outlook on life and ways of staying and keeping safe.  Because of already going through treatment, it’s a huge “refresher” with more accountability.  Accountability is huge for me in Recovery.  I wake up every morning excited to go to class and truly upset when class is over.

Client #3

AASH Program gives unfortunate addicts who have succumbed to the disease of addiction an opportunity to re-create their lives the way they were supposed to be.  Instead of turning a shoulder, the program opens their arms to people who seek the help and are willing to put in the effort.  I only a week old into the program but so far I’ve received:

  • Generous help with my addiction
  • A safe place to live
  • A chance to turn over a new leaf and start a new life in Kamloops
  • A perspective on living life soberly
  • Happiness, waking up every morning not needing that first hoot to get through the day
  • Confidence that I can do this.  I can be an independent, sober addict facing the issues of living life on life’s terms without the use of drugs to do it.

Health Navigation, Blood Borne Infection Management and Harm Reduction 

  • We have a team of qualified staff to help clients improve their health. Whether it be to provide assistance to manage medications, finding a doctor or drive to Kelowna/Vancouver for a specialist appointments, we are able to help and provide hope. Through this service, we create a common purpose of building capacity to have positive impact on the quality of life of individuals living with complex health needs. (funded by Interior Health)
  • We provide needle exchange and harm reduction supplies at all of our agencies locations and supportive housing buildings. (funded by Interior Health)
  • We have a community educator who teaches the ABC’s of HEP C, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, sexual health for life. These sessions include: Information related to STD’s and STI’s; Harm reduction tools and different kinds of testing available; Sexual exploitation and human trafficking. (funded by Interior Health)
  • Through a Community Health Navigation Program, we deliver support services/life skills to support clients with chronic health/mental illness and addictions.   (funded through Ministry of Health)

Adult Addiction and Supportive Housing (AASH) 

  • In partnership with Interior Health, we provide supports and housing to those individuals who have successfully gone through detox and wish further assistance to become contributing community members. Through 24hour supports, wellness planning and group meetings, many have seen success. This program always has several people on a wait list. (funded by Interior Health)

 Mental Health and Independent Supportive Housing (MHASH) 

  • Provides supports and housing to those individuals who are struggling with mental health issues and wish further assistance to become contributing community members. Through 24hour supports, wellness planning and group meetings, many have seen success. (funded by Interior Health)

 Community Integration and Developmental Disabilities Supports 

  • Through a contract with Community Living BC (CLBC), a provincial crown agency, we assist by delivering supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities and those struggling with mental illness to create communities where people have more choices about how they live, work and contribute. (funded by CLBC)

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