In November 2013, MP came to our program. A high school graduate with mental health issues, he had been unable to secure part-time employment. In conjunction with ASK staff, he was able to secure a part-time kitchen position beginning January 2014. Six months later he had the confidence to ask for, and receive, a raise. He continues to work there and, as a result of his track record, the employer was open to hiring a second ASK client. TG started work in May 2015 and has maintained successful employment since.


BM came to ASK after being on the streets and wrestling various addiction problems in addition to living with FAS. Through a subsidized wage program, he was placed with a large hardware and lumber retailer. At the end of his subsidy period, they chose to keep him on their payroll. The relationship has required some fine-tuning but the employer has remained committed to keeping BM as an employee, subject to the same performance standards as all other yard staff. Equally, BM has worked hard to learn how to be the best employee he can be.

Multiple evidenced based programs throughout the agency provide opportunities and hope to those individuals currently engaged in programming. Through this social enterprise service we clean up parks, abandoned homeless camps, illegal dump sites and assist with bed bug/suite remediation for tenants/landlords. (funded by the Stollery Foundation, TNRD and City of Kamloops).


Opportunities Program / Youth Skills Link Program 

  • Through our program, persons with disabilities or those struggling with getting back on their feet after abuse, addiction or life struggles and youth between the ages of 19 – 30 are offered services to instill hope and purpose. Through giving back to their community by providing clean-up, landscaping, small repairs, painting, weeding and odd jobs, they are taught responsibility and how to work as a team. (funded by the Government of Canada)


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